sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

New kid in town

So, we got a new baby around. In an unprecedented speed between releases (the Aventador is still a rather new model in their line-up), Lamborghini has presented the Huracán, the new sort-of base model.

Designed to replace the Gallardo, the Huracán pretty much checks all the boxes. It's a V10, it's more powerful, faster and meaner than its predecessor.

I have never been a fan of the Gallardo. It has never given me the sensations old Lambos used give me. Like, this is what you get when your ambition exceeds your abilities. When you grab your dreams and put them in car form. When you do things because you want to, not because you have to. Old Lambos were raw dreams, with all their flaws, but true to themselves. The Gallardo was much better at being a car than at being a raging bull.

The Huracán is also a rather civilized car when it comes to driving. Four wheel drive and witchcraft electronics ensure pleasure, and not drama, inside the cockpit. This is a modern requirement since having the wealth to own a supercar doesn't automatically give you the skills to tame such a beast. So, as standard, you get a tamed beast to begin with.

What I like about the Huracán, of course, is not its eagerness to be driven by anyone with lots of money. What I do like about it is the styling. They've nailed it. It looks like a futuristic batmobile, like Darth Vader's own car. The meanest, coolest, most badass thing on the road. Pure art in metal form. And, because the outside is so authentic, all the other features make sense. Like the V10 engine, for example. A V10 is a rather weird cylinder configuration, a bit out natural balance, not offering much more in performance than a V8 and way less refinement (and power) than a V12. A V10 is an odd choice, so odd, only just a few cars have used it this century. However, with the only exception of the Gallardo, every V10 car since 2000 has been amazing.  

The only thing that could make me stop dreaming for a Lamborghini is another Lamborghini. I think I'm in love again.