lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

A car worth testing, the LF-A

Lexus needed almost ten years to give birth to the LF-A, their first supercar. Their baby child is probably one of the most interesting cars to be tested out there. And for some good reasons.

To begin with, the LF-A is expensive, even by supercar standards. It's 50% more than an equivalent Ferrari or Lamborghini, and twice as much as a decent Porsche. At this point, supercar buyers leave the showroom and look for something truly exotic and save some money. Sure, Lexus has some reasons to charge you so much for it, but none of them meets common sense.

However, the LF-A has a unique-ness around it. Ferrari did already exist when I was born. So did Lambo and Porsche. They've faced hard times, but today it doesn't seem likely they will disappear anytime soon. You've got a lifetime to test a Ferrari. But no one guarantees you'll get a chance to test LF-A's successor, because it may not exist in the first place. It might very well be a one of a kind, a little bit like the Honda NSX. Yes, the company will promise you there will be a second round, but don't bet your money on that. If you ever have the chance to grab your hands in a LF-A, go for it or maybe you'll regret it.

If it sells properly -- and I don't think it will -- Lexus might think a second iteration at the supercar market is worth the effort. So, maybe there will be a second generation LF-A, and a third. If they manage to make it to the third generation, chances are they will keep building supercars forever. And this would make the LF-A even more special, it would become Genesis. The first of the breed. A myth. Maybe you don't want to drive an LF-A, but driving a myth is a different story.

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